Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Boy Update!

I don't go to the doctor again until next week, but there have been a few fun things going on lately with the baby. He is moving all the time now. He is most active in the morning (especially between 7:30-8:30) and in the evening when I finally lay down. He really seems to enjoy any conversation that revolves around him, because it definitely gets him moving!

I went through two boxes of Wyatt's baby clothes today and came the realization that while I have a lot of newborn things that will fit him, I'm lost for months 3 through 9. Wyatt was wearing summer things at 3-6 months (he'll need warmer clothes) and winter clothes from 6-9 months (he'll need clothes for summer/early fall). Fortunately I had a pretty good idea that it would end up like this so I've slowly been buying seasonally appropriate clothing in the right sizes.

Brian and I still have some decisions to make about what we'll do once he comes. We definitely need a new car seat (you're only supposed to use them for three years, and we're going to get that) and probably a new double stroller (I love our side by side, but it isn't always convenient and it doesn't give the kind of sun protection we need). The side by side also has no trays, no cupholders and no real storage. I'll add that to the "things we should a researched more thoroughly" list.

We don't know who's room is going to be who's when the baby comes (we're waiting to see whether Reese or Wyatt is mature enough to move upstairs - my money is on Reese), and we're not too worried because he'll be with us for at least the first 4 months anyway. But names, car seats and the actual car situation are wearing on me! We've discussed a few names but haven't settled on one. I guess we still have 16 weeks to make up our minds! In the meantime, Brian and I are trying to figure out what we're going to do tomorrow. My guess is Water Country, but I guess we'll see...

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