Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Little Things

"Mom, can I get in a few swings before school?"
Hudson had a case of the "sneezes" one morning, and said he played by himself at school because he didn't want all of his friends to get his sneezes.  This was only the beginning of a fun weekend that sent Brian away to Phoenix for work.  The first weekend that the park was closed since May, and he ended up across the country!
I wouldn't want to fall asleep reading a book about Vipers, but Wyatt seems to think it's okay.
Taking pictures of his batting stance for Daddy!
Another picture to let Daddy know how many goals he scored at soccer!

After his "sneezes" on Friday afternoon, Hudson got worse.  Our Sunday included a visit the Pediatrician for another Nebulizer treatment and another steroid.  Poor guy.  He's now on a daily inhaler, which we're hoping will prevent future problems.
He was feeling much better on Monday, so he was ready for Hat Day at school.  And no ensemble is complete without an Everything is Awesome shirt!
The Bookends reading together.
Oh goodness.  Homework was a HUGE struggle for this guy for the first few weeks of school.  He felt like the school day was long enough and he wanted nothing to do with working after he got home.  We finally found a new system that makes it easier.  He gets a sticker for every day that he does his homework without complaining, and then he gets a slush on Fridays if he has a sticker every day that week.  It has gotten so. much. easier. to get homework done!
Brian and I went to see Brad Paisley. After a tee ball game, we ended up getting there just before he went on stage.  We noticed that there was a small stage set up about 12 feet away from us.  He ended up on the stage in the middle of the show!  So awesome!
I found this on my phone after our day at Busch Gardens.  Colin and Hudson took at selfie!
Sometimes, a girl just has to take BP before a game.  Even if she's still in her dress!
He'd just gotten an out at home plate!
Perfect shirt for Wyatt!
Reesie ended her first month of school on the Principal's Proud Wall!  

(most of Finley's little moments from September can be found here).

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August Little Things

Just catching up with a few of August's little moments.

The Living Museum had a dinosaur exhibit, and we went to check it out a few times.  They've added an interactive play area, and Reese was very serious about her X-ray viewing.
A fun zoo trip with their cousins.  Yankees shirts are a requirement when these two get together.  The orangutan seemed to enjoy visiting with them.  Ha!
Finley got to hop up on the rhino for the first time.  Hudson wasn't with us at the zoo for the cousin get together.  He had a TERRIBLE night the night before coughing, and Brian and I called the pediatrician for a sick visit.  He was given a nebulizer treatment, a steroid shot, 2 different types of inhalers, and an oral steroid.  I felt so bad for him.  But I was grateful that Brian was able to take him to the doctor because I knew Wyatt and Reese would be disappointed if they missed a visit with Derek and Sophie.
Hudson, on the other hand, was NOT happy about missing the zoo trip.  He was feeling much better the following day, so I took them back.  As you can see, he was thrilled about being on the rhino.
It was one of the few occasions when we were able to actually SEE the tiger.  This guy is not out very often.  He's usually secluded somewhere out of our view.
We stopped at Doumar's for lunch afterwards because we were starving.  And because, why not?
My mom took the kids back to school shopping for a few necessities, and then took us to lunch a Red Robin.
Wyatt likes all animals, but he really loves dogs.  He spent most days in August asking me if I could take him to Mimi and Baba's house to hang out with Sassy.  When we got together with the cousins, he spent some time with Cocoa.  I don't think we're going to be able to hold off on getting this boy another dog for too much longer.
The ice cream man was driving around the country roads by Mimi and Baba's - so we had to get these kids some ice cream!
I took these crazy caged animals to the zoo...again.
We got drenched at Busch Gardens.  It started POURING while we were taking a train ride around the park.  I wish I had the video of Hudson drinking rain water that was falling off of the roof of the train station.  I'm pretty sure he convinced a young couple next to us to never have kids.  This trip (and the state of my van afterwards), required a major car clean!
Finley was able to sneak over the gate, and she decided to have a story time in Wyatt's room.  He says she's his favorite sibling because she's sweet and she never fights with him.  Ha!
Seriously making good use of our zoo passes.
Reesie and Daddy after Meet the Teacher.  
I promised her a picture with this mermaid all summer, and we finally made it over on our last visit.  She loves all of the mermaids throughout the city.  Her favorite is the one that is painted like a Hershey Kiss at the mall!

And that's a wrap on August!  Hopefully I get September up in a more timely fashion!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Busch Gardens

This Fall has been crazy, but we were able to have a Family Day at Busch Gardens a few weeks ago. 

These cousins loved riding the Elmo roller coaster together.
Hudson obviously takes his roller coaster riding very seriously.

Hudson hopped on the Clydesdales while Reese enjoyed her first ride on a "real" roller coaster.  My adventure loving girl was so excited to ride the Loch Ness Monster.  Wyatt said that he thinks he'll wait until next year to ride a big coaster.  Yeah.  I don't think that's going to happen.  It doesn't seem to interest him.  Plus, we probably scarred him for life with the whole dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom thing.
Mimi and Baba would like to thank Hudson for cooperating in getting a picture of all of their grandkids.
Reese and I decided to ride Verbolten together.   Again, this girl is brave.  It has a  dark section and the coaster drops out from under you at one point - and she rode it TWICE.  I was only good for one ride, but Aunt Allison rode with her the second time.
She also became a tad obsessed with the Battering Ram.  Like 10 times in a row obsessed.  She and Piper would hop on and off.  I was honestly worried about her tummy, but she was fine!
Colin was nice enough to take a ride on this exciting ride with his little cousin.
And the four older kids finally got to ride the Battering Ram together.
As it inched closer to dark, we got ready to leave.  Hallowscream is fun during the day, but it's definitely not kid friendly at night! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finley is 2!!!!

Blogging slacker here.  I guess I decided to take the month of September off?

It hasn't been easy getting into the swing of the beginning of a new school year, a busy sports season, and the fact that the Fall is actually Brian's busy season at work.  I know that seems crazy, but a lot of the "business-y" stuff starts in September, with almost no break from the summer craziness.  It has been overwhelming this year - mostly for him, and a little for me!

Way back at the beginning of September, this sweet girl turned TWO!
Our baby girl is two!  It's so crazy to think that only two years ago she was our tiniest baby, and now she's a walking, talking toddler.  Who we still frequently call "The Baby."  I can't remember how long we called Hudson "The Baby," but I'm pretty sure it stopped when I was pregnant with this girl.  I guess everyone else has had another little brother or sister to take the baby spot, but she's the Grand Finale!
She got to spend her birthday with her favorite person in the world.  It doesn't get much better than that!
We had a late pizza dinner and cake.  Wyatt's baseball coach ran a pretty late practice. I guess he forgot he had an important celebration to attend? Ha!
We opened presents and celebrated this sweet little girl.  She funny, she's loving, she adores her older siblings.  Her relationship with them is a little Sour Patch Kid-dish right now.  First she's sour, then she's sweet.  She'll walk up to Hudson, smack his back, and then give him a big smile and a hug.  And he gives in every time!

Because how can you be mad at this smile?!  It was car cleaning day and I needed to keep her contained.  This worked!
Sweet sisters reading and playing together.
She snatched strawberries out of the grocery bag - and took them to the couch to eat them. Mess. Mess. Mess. Mess. Mess.
Reading surrounded by all the essentials.  And those toes!!!
On our way to Frozen on Ice!
And the outfit she chose for her two year well check up.  Showing her Disney Side. She's fashion forward.  Obviously.

At her two year check up she weighed 29 pounds, 4 ounces, and she's 33 inches tall.  I'm not sure I got the percentiles on that.  Fourth child syndrome!

Two is a fun age.  We're still working on her communication, so there are problems when she wants something and I have no idea what it means, but we're making a consistent effort to talk to her all of the time, just like we did with Wyatt and Reese and Hudson.  Poor girl always gets interrupted by the big kids.  With them at school more, we're reading more books, doing more puzzles, and spending more one on one time.  And I'm loving it.  (I miss the other kids, obviously, I'm just enjoying my last days with a little one, too!).

Happy Birthday, Finley Quinn!  We love you!