Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow (Ice) Day!

We had an "ice day" yesterday.  And today.  And school will probably be out again tomorrow.
The snow started falling Monday night, and yesterday the snow was packed and hard.  They couldn't pick it up to build a snowman or throw a snowball.  So they were content to run and "skate."
Jeter really enjoyed running around the backyard chasing his kids.

And stealing their snow gear.

The ice was so packed that Reese was picking it up and stacking it.  Or throwing it.

When running wasn't fun anymore, they grabbed their hockey sticks.

I love this picture.  Hudson and Jeter really have become best friends.

Hockey guys!  They ended up out front playing, and a 9 year old came up and asked if he could play with them.  Hudson looked at the kid who was twice his size, crouched down in his hockey pose, and said, "Okay, but you know I'm better than you right?"

This was about as "outside" as Finley got.  She is still not a fan of cold snow.  Just like her Momma!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


We had our first snowfall a few weeks ago.  It wasn't much, but there was just enough to take a few pictures of our puppy playing in the snow.  In fact, Wyatt had a two hour delay for school, and it all melted by the time I picked him up.
Jeter doesn't really like getting his paws wet, but he did have fun slipping and sliding in the yard.
 Hudson spent some time dressing up as Captain America.
 And giving his doggy kisses.  He has really become best buddies with his pup!
 Because how could you not fall in love with this face?

Friday, February 6, 2015

January Little Things

Most of my pictures in January were of the dog.  Seriously.  And since I already shared those, I guess it's back to pictures of the kids.
Wyatt was pretty proud of himself for scoring 5 goals at his first indoor soccer game.  He's mostly played defense since that game.  Ha!  (Nice photobomb by Daddy).

Finley and I had to go to Sam's when the kids went back to school. Buying food for four kids is serious business.  And buying in bulk is a necessity.
Ready for basketball picture night.  Brian discovered that the key to getting Hudson to smile is getting him to say "Stinky Feet."

She adores her Daddy!

Same outfit, exactly one year apart.  I can't believe how big my baby is!
Obviously big enough to need glasses to work on the iPad.  Just kidding.  She is not trusted with technology.
Reese comes home from school every day ready to do homework.  Based on the way her brother reacts to homework, my parenting skills are not the reason for her enthusiasm.  She sits down and does her assigned work, a Phonics book, some extra math, and she reads a book.  She was very proud of herself last month because she made a decision to read her first "Chapter Book."  And she did it in a day!  I can't believe she's halfway through her Kindergarten year.  She is going to take First Grade by storm next year.
Reese loves to go to Pink in the Rink every year with Brian.  They tint the ice pink for Breast Cancer awareness and she loves it!

This little miss is my errand helper.  She might be BFF's with most of the Target employees.  But that's just my impression.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Basketball Season

Wyatt, Reese, and Hudson are all playing basketball at the Y this season, and they are all on different teams.  Add in Wyatt's indoor soccer schedule and it makes for some crazy Saturdays. 
Hudson usually starts our mornings with his practice and game at 9AM.  His age group practices for about 20 minutes and then they play a game.  He was stoked to be on the court!

He scored 4 points in his first game!

Reese's game was next.  She is having so much fun!  She hustles up and down the court.
 We missed her first two baskets when we were getting Jeter, but Mimi and Baba were there to see them!
 Wyatt is playing his fourth season and he is having fun learning new skills (he learned a lot at basketball camp last summer, too.  Apparently I didn't include that on the blog.  So behind.).
 BUT, he's lost two games and tied the third.  This is how he handles losing.  He hopped up off the bench with a huge smile on his face when they ended in a tie.  I think he was just happy that he didn't actually lose!

Fortunately, his indoor soccer team has been winning by double digits, so that softens the blow of the basketball losses.  Ha!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Our New Family Member

Last Saturday, we adopted our new family dog!
Heeeeeeeeere's Jeter!

Brian and I have been going back and forth on the idea of getting the kids a dog.  Because Noelle was so amazing, he was pretty committed to the idea of another black lab.  I started looking into breeders last month, but didn't pursue it with too much enthusiasm.

I really wanted to adopt a dog that needed a home, so I joined a local "Rehoming" site on Facebook.  Right after Christmas I saw a female lab who was nine months old.  I couldn't believe it when Brian agreed to go meet her.  Even though we had talked about it, I wasn't entirely sure he was on board for getting another dog.  The dog we met was a lovely pup, but she wasn't quite right for us.  So I kept checking sites, waiting to find the right match for us.

I came across a local Pet Rescue, and I noticed that they had a litter of black lab puppies up for adoption.  I showed Brian, he said yes, we completed the paperwork, and then we snuck away in the middle of a crazy Saturday afternoon to go adopt one!  While I was trying to find out where she was, Brian saw a new set of puppies arrive and he went to check them out.  It turned out the dog that we came for was being adopted by her foster family, but Brian had already found another dog.  This one!
 He was there with his brother, and the best guess on their breed was "lab mix." We held both of the dogs and observed them, and tried to figure out their dispositions.  Jeter was calm but happy, and I couldn't resist his white markings.  Jeter also really liked Brian, so our decision was easy.  I didn't put him down until Brian came back from the ATM with the adoption fee!
Brian and I made our way home with this little guy, and I was able to get him used to our house a bit while he went back to the kids' basketball games.

He found a nice sunny spot to rest.
I recorded their reactions, but they are in love.  We let them in one at a time, and each kid was over the moon about this guy.  Brian and I made a list of names, and then let them choose from our list.  If we'd let them throw out names, the boys would have voted against the girls, their would have been pouting, and the whole moment would have been less fun.  They also chose a middle name for him from our list: Ezra.  It's pretty clear that they all love the Yankees and Star Wars Rebels!
I didn't doubt for a second that Wyatt and Reese would love him, but Hudson and Finley have both been skittish around dogs. They are both in love with Jeter, though.  Hudson walks around saying, "Come here, buddy.  Give me a lick, Jeter!"
And Finley is his favorite treat giver.  She also likes to have him on her lap. He likes to snuggle, so he loves it!
He is growing FAST.  Brian took him to our vet for his first check up last Monday, and he was 12 pounds.  We put him on the scale today and he was 15!  I need to get as many pictures of our puppy as I can because he is going to be HUGE soon!
 He is almost house broken, and he does wake up like a newborn at night to go out. When he is feeling upset about being crated at night, he barks.  When he barks, watching Friends cheers him up and makes him stop.  As soon as he hears the theme song, he relaxes! 

He also loves his big backyard!

We all love our puppy, and I'm pretty sure he loves all of his people!  I'm excited to watch their relationships with Jeter develop over time. They are going to be best friends!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 In Review!

I figured it would be fun to do a little review of some of our 2014 "highlights." 

January: Our New Year started off with stitches after Hudson fell down the stairs.  He was such a brave kid while we were in the ER, and he recovered quickly.  And then it started to snow.  And snow.  And snow.  The kids missed a lot of school, but Wyatt did still have basketball!

February: It was a somber month that included Brian selling his Jeep.  No one was very happy about that little fact, but I will say that Brian having space for more than one kid in his car has made a world of difference for me!  We visited the aquarium, and went to Richmond for Mason's third birthday party.

March: Spring sports were back!  Wyatt played soccer and baseball, and Reese started her first season of t-ball.  Wyatt continued taking ice skating lessons,  and he also turned SEVEN!

April: We celebrated Wyatt's birthday with his friendsHudson and Reese each had their Spring programs at school (Reese's last program of preschool).  We spent Spring Break dying Easter Eggs, and running a 5K, and the Easter Bunny brought their baskets.  And Finley was our family MVP with most time spent in a stroller watching her siblings play sports!

May: Wyatt tried out for and made the All Star Team, we had a really fun Mother's Day weekend, and Wyatt and Reese both got the game ball at baseball.  We went to see the Big Duck when it was at the local art museum, and the kids and I found a fun way to kick off summer.

June: Baseball season ended for Reese, but our well rounded girl kicked off her cleats for tap shoes and ballet slippers for her spring recital.  Wyatt had so much fun at his first Field Day, and then school was out for summer
July: I retired from the blog while we shuffled Wyatt all over the region for his All Star tournament.  We were thankful that the big tournament was at our fields!  His team had a really fun party to celebrate their season! Hudson started his first (much anticipated) baseball season at the YSwimming lessons are a summer staple, and it was fun to watch Wyatt and Reese get into "real strokes" this summer.  We also had a fun visit to the waterpark!
August: There was swimming.  There was more tee ball.  And more swimming lessons.  The kids and I had many adventures getting out of the house. Wyatt went to a really fun baseball camp with the Tides.  We went to Busch Gardens. Everyone got ready to go back to school. And Reese turned SIX!
September: The kids went to back to school on the same day that Finley turned twoWyatt, Reese, and Hudson started fall ball, and we found a little time to go to Busch Gardens with the cousins!
October: I didn't blog much, so I threw almost everything together in one post (including Wyatt's entire soccer season.  Oops).  Hudson had his Pumpkin Patch Parade at school, and we went Trick or Treating!
November: Hudson turned four and had a really fun party at the zoo! We voted, Hudson got his first Phonics book, and Reesie's Reflection entry got her first place!  We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families. We also went to the Military Aviation Museum to see the Planes and Trains!
December: After rushing around like a mad woman for the first week of the month, we spent 8 days at the Happiest Place on Earth!  We made it home in time for Hudson's program and Wyatt and Reese's class parties!  And Santa came!