Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Bit of an Obsession..

Wyatt is obsessed with hockey.  Brian has taken him to a few minor league games and Wyatt also loves watching the games on TV.  I actually had to take his hockey stick away and relegate it to outside play because he gets really into it and wants to play all the time.  He asked to go outside to play hockey Saturday and Sunday and he just has such a good time.  The other kids in the court were out playing on their power wheels and on their bikes and Wyatt was knocking his puck around the driveway.  On Saturday he had Brian out playing with him and would not let him do anything else.

He constantly tells me to look at his slapshot, and he even tries skating around the foyer in his socks.  He can not stand to have anything on his feet, but now he always tells me that he's too cold and needs to wear socks in the house.  That boy is too smart for his own good!

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