Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wyatt's 5th Birthday!

I can not believe that Wyatt is 5 years old!  It seems like he was just born yesterday, and the time is passing so quickly.  Or rather, "the days seem long (sometimes), but the years seem short!"  Ha!

I think the best surprise of his birthday was that Brian took the day off!  Daddy was able to take him to school and pick him, which he just loves.

We let him open one present that morning.  Brian went to the hockey game on Wednesday night, and while he was there he picked up some Norfolk Admirals hockey cards for Wyatt.  He was very excited to look at them!  We have season tickets, so he and his Daddy have been to a lot of games! When he walked into school that morning he went on and on and on about how it was his birthday, how his Daddy got him hockey cards, how the Admirals are on a 21 game winning streak - and on and on and on.  His teacher told me she knew he was focused on nothing but his birthday as soon as he walked in the room!
After school he came home and opened his birthday cards and two more presents.  He got a new Dinosaur Train Mobi-go game and two small cars from Cars.  He was very excited!  He gave his sister a big hug (it probably doubled as a tackle).
He spent the day playing his game during quiet time, and playing with his new toys. We went out to dinner at Red Robin with Mimi and Baba.  He LOVES their grilled cheese, so he was a happy camper, plus they gave him two Team Umizoomi math kits that he has so much fun with!  We came home to open a few more presents.Reese picked a police car out for him, and he got a Cars Geo Trax set (we bought it on clearance after Christmas for $18 - a crazy good price!), and a new soccer ball from Mommy and Daddy! 
I'm coming for you, Beckham.

After cupcakes he went to bed, an exhausted and happy little boy.  Of course, he also wanted to know when his birthday party was!  I told him he had to wait until Sunday!  Ha!

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