Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project 365: Week 33 & Week 34

Tuesday, August 13
Hanging out at our last week of swim lessons.  I can't believe it's been almost a month since I took these kids to swim lessons!
Wednesday,  August 14
Hudson had an appointment with the Pediatric Dermatologist about a little bald spot he's developed in the back of his head.  It's a mild form of alopecia, and they gave us some topical ointment and said it will grow back.  He was so good during his appointment, and he got to ride in the Jeep for the first time afterwards!
Thursday, August 15
Going on a bike ride on his sweet Schwinn.
Friday, August 16
Wyatt has started coach pitch baseball this fall.  He needed a new, bigger bat.  Brian ordered this for him online after reading about 8 million reviews and checking 4 different sports stores for this specific bat.  Fortunately we have our Amazon Prime account and Wyatt's new bat was here in time for practice!  He named his new bat "Lightning."  If you're gonna be like Babe, you've gotta name your bat, right?
Saturday, August 17
Hunter's birthday party!  Best buddies!
Sunday, August 18
Practicing the piano.
Monday, August 19
Katie and Stevie were leaving for college, and they came to say goodbye before they left.
Tuesday, August 20
Me and vampire baby.  If you can believe it, she is actually filling that little gap in the top if her mouth right now!  The two middle teeth have cut.
Wednesday, August 21
Getting crafty for our trip to Disney World!!
Thursday, August 22
Good morning Finley!  Nice photo bomb Reesie!
Friday, August 23
Bath time baby!
Saturday, August 24
Getting in her playtime, and working on her standing skills!
Sunday, August 25
Happy Birthday, Reesie Piecey!
Monday, August 26
On his way to his first coach pitch scrimmage game.  I can't believe that he's big enough for "real" baseball now!

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