Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend iPhone Edition

Our weekend was not a "typical weekend."

In many ways it was for the big kids.  Brian took them to their sporting events on Saturday (and coached his teams), while I took the two little kids to my Grammy's funeral.  It was a nice service that was very fitting to her and her memory, and afterwards we spent lots of time together remembering her and laughing about stories from when we were small.  It was awesome to see the support that my family had from friends and co-workers alike.  People who grew up with my Dad drove down from Maryland just to be there for her funeral.  Guys from my Dad's firetruck from almost twenty years ago gathered together.  It was pretty amazing.

On Friday night Wyatt had a make up game.  He struck out twice before hitting a double his third time at bat.  I can't take this stuff.  I was a ball of nerves when my little brother played (I remember going behind a dugout during his 10 year old All Star games because I couldn't watch him lose), and it's significantly worse now that I'm a mom.
Hudson is the sweetest little dude.  As soon as he sees the Dodgers gathering for the game ball and baseball cards, he runs over to hang out by Daddy.
On Saturday Brian took the kids to all their sports while I went to the funeral and then went back to my Mom and Dad's house.  Brian had to be at something for baseball that night, so I went back home around 3 so he could leave.  I wasn't planning to go back to my parents' house until I got home.  I decided that I just wanted more family time, so we made the trek back.  It was so worth it to watch my brother play Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says with Wyatt, Reese, Hudson, and Mason.  There were also rousing renditions of the ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  

I know.  We're just weird.
This was my Mother's Day card and gift from Reese.  A flower and a box - with a book ("I'm a Big Sister") and a slinky inside.  I gave her things back to her.
My Mother's Day gift from Brian.  He rocks.
We had a fun morning at the park (much more to come about that later), and then we went to Target to pick up our pool.  We buy a new one of these for our yard every summer and the children love it.  The $25 we spend is really a bargain when we factor in having to store it for the winter. We so classy.
We finished Mother's Day with an All Star practice for this guy and frozen yogurt.  Yes, this means that we were at the baseball fields five days last week.  I can't even imagine what our schedules will be like with one in tee ball, one in softball, and one in coach pitch next year!

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