Saturday, April 18, 2015

February Little Things, Part Two

Staying on top of February's Little Moments, obviously.

Sunday mornings around here are "Donut Days."  Reese used to be eager to make the trip, but she's been spending more time lately hanging out in her jammies.  She and Finley needed to put their orders in before he left!
Homework sure has been fun around here this year....not.  When he makes up his mind to get it done, he finishes quickly.  But the stalling, goodness gracious.  It drives me bananas!  
Watching a movie in a box.  Because why not?
These two have such sweet moments.  But she also still refuses to say his name.  She wakes up in the morning and asks about every member of the family.  Except Hudson!
I can't stand the snow and being stranded in and feeling unprepared if I don't have enough food to get us through a week without a grocery store trip.  But I love how beautiful the stuff is!

These two solidified their best friendship in February.
Eeeeeeek!  He was so little then!
Movie night!
They missed so much school because of the snow that Reese's teacher sent them an assignment.  We needed to email her a picture of Reese reading in her favorite spot.  She didn't even have to think about her comfy spot!
Finley broke out the markers.
I just love this pictures so much.
Fun day of basketball games and indoor soccer!  Brian and I split up a lot to get everyone back and forth when we have conflicting schedules (which we really try to avoid)!  These two get along so well.  Wyatt says it's because she's basically him, just a girl who is 5 years younger.  I think he's got it figured out! 
Wyatt's indoor soccer team had an awesome UNDEFEATED season.  They also won the championship game - they were so excited, and they worked hard!  Indoor soccer is no joke!  The play doesn't stop because the ball never goes out, and there was only one sub so they were playing almost the entire game!
FQB and Jeter!  
We took the three big kids to a hockey game - it was a little crazy, but we had lots of fun!  One day when Finley is a little bigger we'll actually be able to take all 4!

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