Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reese's 7th Birthday Party

Last year I totally dropped the ball Reese didn't have a birthday party.    Partially because I tend to get overwhelmed over the summer, but also because we just couldn't figure out a good place to have a party!  We started looking for places in June, and found this neat art studio and booked a party - and then she went to a birthday party there last month!  She had a blast, so we knew she would love her party!

Everyone (including Daddy - he was making a unicorn for Finley) got their own canvas to paint!  Reese chose a unicorn canvas - they gave the girls their colors, and followed it up with step by step instructions.

They had each seat set up with aprons for the girls.  Reese was excited to sit next to her cousin, Sophie!

You know you had an amazing Kindergarten teacher when she comes to your birthday party!  Reese said she wanted to invite Ms. Burton, and I jokingly told her at the Y one day - and she came!  Reesie was so surprised, and all the girls that were in her class gathered for a picture.  Hard to believe that they'll be in First Grade in three weeks!!!
Reesie with her friends Madison, Emma, and Julia!
Her birthday cake was her choice.  In fact, I left most of the elements of her party up to her.  I could pin 8 million things and go back through them to have a Pinteresty-party...but all she really wanted were plates, etc. in a rainbow of colors, pizza, and a rainbow cake (inside) with pink and purple frosting.  I make the cake and frosted it, and she did the decorating!
She really wanted to open her gifts at her party (I feel like that hardly every happens now), and it was so sweet to see her friends gather around so excited to watch her open the presents!
Reesie and Daddy in their painting aprons!
The whole group with their unicorns!
And Brian and Reese with their masterpieces :).

She had SO much fun - this party was definitely worth it!  I can't believe that this girl is going to be seven years old next week!

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  1. Your daughter is really cute and I am glad that she had such a wonderful birthday party. My daughter turned 8 last week. I organized a party for her at New York venues and invited few of her friends. They all had fun time there and that made me really happy.