Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There are like a million updates for me to do this week! Our power cord finally arrived yesterday, and then I had pictures to upload, and Wyatt's first soccer game, and then our hard drive was full. Yeah, so that was fun.

Anyway, I figured the most logical place to start would be Easter, since that's apparently the last time that I posted. Our Easter was actually pretty low key. I was exhausted from the party the day before, the kids woke up at 5:30, and we didn't really have anything to do that morning. Usually my Dad makes breakfast or something, but he was working. So I decided to make his traditional breakfast of biscuits and gravy , and I have to say that it was awesome. After breakfast I took a nap, and then the kids did.

We went to Brian's parents for an Easter Egg hunt, and the kids had a blast playing outside and looking for eggs. It was a beautiful day! Now before you see the pictures, know that it was Opening Day for the Yankees, and while I contemplated putting my kids in their nicest clothes so that they could run around and fall down, I instead chose to go with an Opening Day theme of Yankees shirts for the family. We all wore our Yankees shirts proudly, and were really surprised when we left and our neighbors were all out wearing their Red Sox shirts (all four of them) because in addition to being our mortal enemy, we were also playing the Sux that night.

Wyatt had a blast climbing up to the playhouse and sliding down.
And this is also how my little "Derek Jeter" (which is what he prefers to be called if he's playing baseball) likes to swing.
Both kids looking for eggs. I love Reese's Yankees dress. She got it from her big cousin (who in all actuality is her second cousin, and is actually Brian's little cousin). We really are a family of Yankees fans!
Found one!
She did a great job finding eggs too! When she found out that there was chocolate inside it was like a bonus!
Wyatt going for a gutter egg!
Checking to make sure Wyatt didn't miss anything!
Reese takes everything (including sliding) very seriously.
Wyatt loves Cody. He actually loves dogs! His newest thing at bedtime is to say "Hey Daddy? Can you tell me a story about Noelley?" It is just precious!
Petting Cody together.
Reese also adores this dog. As soon as she walks in the door she runs through the house saying "Cooooody" and runs to him and hugs him.
But here she just wanted to play a nice game of Peek-a-boo with him!

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