Monday, April 19, 2010

Wyatt's First Soccer Game!

Last Monday was Wyatt's first soccer game! I know. Mondays? At least that's what I was thinking. The games are in the evenings (basically Brian has to leave work early to get to the 6:00 games. When the games are at 5 it will be even more difficult), but it works out nicely since the only kids on the field are the three year olds.

We didn't find out about the Y league until it was full, but we still put Wyatt on the waiting list and they were able to make a team out of the waiting list kids. We still didn't have any coaches when we got to the game, and since there were only 3 other parents at the team meeting, Brian was pretty sure there were only going to be three kids at the game. But they ended up with two dads (yes, Brian is one of them) and one mom to follow the kids around the field and make sure they're taking turns playing.

Wyatt did a great job last week! He loves every sport, and wanted to wear his shin guards the minute we bought them. He loves to be on the field running around with the other kids, but he's not as much of a ball hog as I thought he was going to be. One thing that he is (that I knew was coming because Brian and I both have this little personality trait, some might call a "flaw") is competitive. I'm not uber competitive, I didn't excel at recreational sports, but I am competitive when it comes to trivial things. Brian is very competitive at pretty much everything, and I knew that would be something we saw in Wyatt. And we did. This kid wants to play. He doesn't want to sit on the sidelines cheering for his team, he wants to be on the field in the thick of things. He pretty much had a nervous breakdown when he got taken out of the game to let some other kids play. But we realized later that it was because his Daddy took him out. When another mom did it, he just went to the sidelines and sat on her lap!

We're not keeping score or anything, so we don't know how he did.

Well, at least the league isn't. But we are. We don't believe in non-competitive sports (I mean, I guess for three year olds it's fine so they get interested in playing) but what's the point as they get older? But that's a post for an entirely different day when I actually feel like getting worked up about something. Not today. Anyway, Wyatt scored one goal for his team! And he might have scored one or two for the other team, too. These kids are so funny. They have the ball and they run to the goal, and it doesn't even cross their minds that it isn't their goal. They just want to kick the ball in! Wyatt loved playing, and asked to play again as soon as his game was over. He's already really excited for his game tonight too.

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