Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hudson Ellsworth is Here!

Hudson Ellsworth was born on November 5 at 10:17 am. He weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces at birth and he is 20.5 inches long. We are completely in love with this little guy!
Fortunately the Neo-natologist let us know immediately that Hudson is perfectly healthy and that he sounded great within minutes of his birth. We are so thankful for his good health! He was able to latch on very well, and he is breastfeeding like a pro! He looks a lot like his big brother, but he also has a ton of really dark hair. He is an amazing little guy and we can't believe that he's finally here. He met his big brother and sister yesterday and they are really in love with him.
He really just has the sweetest little face! We can't wait to bring him home!
And his name? Well Hudson was on each of our top 3 name lists, and we both just love it. His middle name was actually Brian's grandfather's first name. We think that it sounds great together, and we think it fits him perfectly!

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