Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meeting Some of Our Favorites: The Rest of the Princesses

Last time we went to Disney World the princesses were not even on our radar. But Reese wanted to do it, so we took her to see every one that we could find. They at least make it easy by keeping Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella in the same room, so you only have to stand in one line!

The first 5 pictures were on Reese's second trip, and she had gotten more comfortable meeting all of the characters. I think you'll be able to see that on her face. In the second 5 she looks petrified. I think it was awe and being scared all at the same time!

She was trying to show Cinderella where her picture was on the front of her book.
Wyatt and Belle. He was so confused because they kept calling him "Prince"!
Showing Belle her picture
This is a great comparison shot of her on the last day and the first day. She just looks a little scared in the picture on the bottom!

Brian's mom randomly saw Snow White sitting off to the side one day while we were walking in, so we rushed Reese over to see her - with no line. It was great! She has not stopped talking about meeting the princesses since she got home. Today while we were shopping she started talking to the sales clerk at the store and she said "I met Belle, and Cinderella and Sleeping Booty!" (that's basically how it comes out anyway). Her personality is just so big and she is so outgoing it cracks us up. She just has these little mannerisms when she talks (mainly hand gestures) that are just so cute!

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