Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project 365: Week 35 & Week 36

Tuesday, August 27
Our Magic Bands came!  They were color coded and our names were printed inside.  I was so excited! Disney messed that up at check in.  Womp womp womp.
Wednesday, August 28
She made herself a salad for dinner.  Seriously.  On the spectrum of foods, this girl couldn't be farther away from her big brother!
Thursday, August 29
Caught on camera.
Friday, August 30
We had the meet and greet with Wyatt's teacher.  He enjoyed checking out the library and meeting his teacher!
Saturday, August 31
Enjoying some popsicles on the last "movie night" of the summer!
Sunday, September 1
Reese's Teddy looks just like this guy, so this is what she chose to get for Finley for her first birthday!
Monday, September 2
Going through her readers on the last day of summer vacation.  She likes to go back to school prepped!
Tuesday, September 3
Finley's birthday dinner!  Sofia and Jake were special guests.
Wednesday, September 4
First night of baseball and soccer for these two.  It was the night Wyatt caught for the first time!
Thursday, September 5
Hanging out in the living room, after school snacking...in catcher's gear.
Friday, September 6
I told Hudson it was time to go to bed.  He said that he was going to sleep with Reesie.  Convincing!
Saturday, September 7
Wearing some of her favorite party favors from a birthday party!  I love this shirt!
Sunday, September 8
Reesie and Teddy are BFF's.
Monday, September 9
Hanging out at the doctor's office - she was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  I was pretty sure that's what she had after our rough night before, and Dr. Jones confirmed it.  10 days of antibiotics and she was all better!  I continually marvel at the fact that the baby that I've breastfed the longest is now on her second ear infection.  Reese is the only other one of the four who has had an ear infection - and she got it when she was 4!

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