Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Trip to the Park

On Hudson's birthday, we stopped at the park before we met the grandparents for dinner.  When we go to the park (or anywhere) we are typically the largest family around - but not that day!  There was a family there with at least 9 kids (that I counted).  I think I'm feeling pretty good about stopping at 4!

The park is beautiful - it's a lake surrounded by tall trees, and a walking trail, and of course swings and slides for the kids. They had the best time!

This little girl loved her time on the swings!
And Hudson was so independent at the park!  He's getting so big!
The bigger kids loved the swings, but they also enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake...how's that for good old fashioned fun?
The boys hung out picking up leaves and sticks.  Boys.

I'm hoping to head back to the park this weekend...maybe for some Christmas card pictures?

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