Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Weekend

Our weekend was a little crazy (but so are most of our days).  We went to Mason's party on Saturday, but we still had about a million other things to do.

Wyatt has been taking ice skating lessons for seven weeks.  He's been improving, but he's in a group class, and it's hard for him to get one on one attention.  He took two private lessons last week, and his second was on Friday.  It's amazing the difference that I saw after those two lessons!  He's a bit of a blur on the ice now!
After his three o'clock skating lesson, he had a basketball game and a pizza party to end the season.  He has so much fun playing, but this kid is intense.  About basically everything in life.  Ha!
Brian also had his team meetings and drafts Friday night and Saturday morning, and then we left for Mason's party.  We were blocks away from the University of Richmond, which is where Brian went to college.  We had to take a quick drive through...on the day that High School Junior football players were touring the campus.  It was a little crazy!
It really is a beautiful campus!

Driving through campus did nothing to dissuade the Talls from their college choices.  Wyatt is currently thinking Notre Dame (because they have a hockey team), and Reese talks about Duke.  I'm not kidding.  She's still hanging on to that.

To finish off their college tour, Brian took Wyatt and Reese to an ODU game when we got home that night.  The Y planned it as an "end of the season bonus" for the players. They had so much fun!

Brian spent Sunday at the baseball fields dragging them and getting bases down.  Fortunately he had a great day for it, and the kids and I were able to get outside as well.  This little one insists on wearing her coat everywhere, though. If she sees it, she wants it on!

When Brian got home from he fields, he took the big kids to hit.  Baseball practice starts this week!  They need to get some last minute practice in!

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