Monday, March 17, 2014

Sporty Happenings

I know it's only the third week of March, but spring sports are back with a vengeance around here!

Wyatt had his first soccer practice last Thursday, and his first game on Saturday.  I will try desperately to spare you the details of my dissatisfaction with his league.  We still don't have a game schedule.  We're just winging it week to week.  I'm told this is the norm for soccer leagues.  This disorganization really makes it fun for the kids.

We actually had decent weather for the game.  This little girl was able to run around the fields with her little brother.  She decided not to play soccer this season.
It was an interesting game.  We think that the team he played has already played together, while Wyatt's team seems to be a combination of kids who haven't ever played together before.  With a new coach.  And one practice.  But it's supposed to be about having fun, right? 
(Sidenote: That's not fun for my uber-competitive first born.)

Reese decided not to play soccer this year in favor of tee ball.  She already has dance and art, so loading her up with two sports seemed a bit much (for her.  And me.)

Does she make baseball look adorable, or what?
We went to get her a bat bag last week.  And somebody batted her eyes at daddy and walked away with a new pink helmet, purple socks, and a pink bat, glove, and bat bag.  She's serious about her style.

She's also serious about hitting.

Big brother was filling in at first base during the practice.  This went about as well as you might imagine.
They are in separate divisions (thank goodness!) so we shouldn't have to worry about this sort of showdown again!

We're ready for spring sports around here, now we just need the weather to cooperate.

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  1. Reese looks like a serious natural! Look at that slide and that throwing arm! :)