Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Morning

Brian and I dropped the ball on Easter this year.  We had NOTHING for their baskets the day before Easter - so my sister was kind enough to come watch the kids while we went shopping, and also went to see Captain America.  Of course, he still ended up at WalMart at midnight.  Easter traditions and all.

The best thing was seeing that these three decided to have their first "sleepover" while we were gone.
Oh, the sweetness.

Didn't last long though, because we moved them to their own beds. A three year old on the edge of the bed spells trouble.

After everyone was situated in their owns beds, the Easter Bunny came.
(Note to Easter Bunny:  next year, only ONE mixed bag of Skittles, Starburst, and Starburst Jelly Beans is needed. Don't go overboard with candy.)
 Everyone waited patiently to check out their baskets.  And then they had jelly beans for breakfast.
 I got an adorable picture of FQB in her basket last year.  This year?  There was none of that.
Although, this is pretty stinking cute.
 My artist made the entire family bunny ears.  Here she is modeling hers!
 And the rest of her Easter artwork.  She works on a new project every day.  It can be exhausting when I go to her room in the morning and see paper everywhere!  But she is definitely feeding her creative side!
We left our house (late because everyone slept in!) to head to my parents' house for breakfast!

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