Monday, April 7, 2014

March Little Things

March came in like a lion....and went out like one, too.  So. over. snow. and. rain. and. cold.

We were able to overlook our jealousy of the warm Florida weather to catch a few spring training games on TV.  This little guy loves watching baseball, and he really loves watching Derek Jeter play! (Also? He loves Sonic slushes.)
Hudson's class learned about Dr. Seuss all month.  Doesn't he look downright adorable in his hat?
Reesie has obviously already played her first game, but she was so excited for her first practice.  She was counting down the days!
She also got her 15th reader (and her 16th, but I don't have the picture.  Oops).
Finley got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit in her Shamrock skirt!
And she enjoyed her Tuesday morning alone without all the other kids!  This year is the first time that I've only had ONE kid at home since before Reese was born.  Two days a week it's just me and Finley.  And next year we'll be alone three days a week.  Insane!
I've been doing more shopping at Sam's lately, and I'm always surprised by the cost (it always seems cheaper without Brian tagging along), and how sweet these two are together while we're there.  Also?  Obsessed with FQB's polka dot jeggings.
I ordered these prints for Reese a few weeks ago.  She picked out which princesses she wanted and decided on the arrangement.  I'm quite happy with her choices of Merida (brave), Mulan (warrior), Rapunzel (dreamer), and Anna and Elsa!
In March I started a little project.  I decided to finally paint the garage hallway and start an actual honest to goodness backpack station.  I stained letters to go above everyone's hooks one night while Brian and Reese were at a hockey game.
And I painted the hallway as well.  My living room is SW Comfort Gray and I LOVE it, but I decided to tone it down a bit in the rooms with less natural light.  I moved down a tone to Sea Salt, and I really, really like it!  Next up are the bathrooms.  Maybe they'll be in the April catch up?  Ha!

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