Monday, October 6, 2014

Busch Gardens

This Fall has been crazy, but we were able to have a Family Day at Busch Gardens a few weeks ago. 

These cousins loved riding the Elmo roller coaster together.
Hudson obviously takes his roller coaster riding very seriously.

Hudson hopped on the Clydesdales while Reese enjoyed her first ride on a "real" roller coaster.  My adventure loving girl was so excited to ride the Loch Ness Monster.  Wyatt said that he thinks he'll wait until next year to ride a big coaster.  Yeah.  I don't think that's going to happen.  It doesn't seem to interest him.  Plus, we probably scarred him for life with the whole dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom thing.
Mimi and Baba would like to thank Hudson for cooperating in getting a picture of all of their grandkids.
Reese and I decided to ride Verbolten together.   Again, this girl is brave.  It has a  dark section and the coaster drops out from under you at one point - and she rode it TWICE.  I was only good for one ride, but Aunt Allison rode with her the second time.
She also became a tad obsessed with the Battering Ram.  Like 10 times in a row obsessed.  She and Piper would hop on and off.  I was honestly worried about her tummy, but she was fine!
Colin was nice enough to take a ride on this exciting ride with his little cousin.
And the four older kids finally got to ride the Battering Ram together.
As it inched closer to dark, we got ready to leave.  Hallowscream is fun during the day, but it's definitely not kid friendly at night! 

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