Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hudson's Fall Ball Season

Hudson played tee ball at the Y over the summer, and then he went straight to rec league ball. 

He had so. much. fun. 
 He was so excited to be able to play on a "real field."  Real dirt, real bases, real outs.
 He even made an out!  He fielded the ball so well at second base and then tagged it.
 It seems like just yesterday that Wyatt was that tiny playing ball !  So sweet!
 Having a big brother who plays is definitely an advantage.  He knows where to make plays, and he knows how to hit the ball.
 Another great advantage is that a few of his friends from tee ball have older brothers on Wyatt's team.  Brian called them his "Little Dodgers" and they would play baseball together during their big brothers' games!
 They had so much fun playing together.

 He was so proud to finally have his own game ball.  It means he's a real Dodger now!

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