Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little More Baseball

We typically spend a lot of time at the ballfield, but we've been spending a lot more time there lately. This guy has been playing on his rec team that Brian coaches, and he's also playing on a travel team. We haven't had many conflicts, but we have been on the go a lot! He usually spends Saturdays playing in a rec game and a soccer game, and then he has one or two games on Sundays, too. Now that soccer is over and there are only a few rec games left, things are going to slow down a bit!

A photographer came to one of his "mini-tournaments" a few weeks ago to take pictures of the team before the game and also got some action shots during the game.  And since I'm too busy during games to actually take out my camera, I figured I'd share a few!

He plays the "Hot Corner" a lot on his travel team.
 He's the one on the ground here!

Man, sometimes baseball is a tough thing to love.  When he gets a hit, I can see how pumped he is. When he doesn't make it on base, goodness gracious can you tell he's upset.  And the thing is, we try to explain to him all the time that that's what baseball is about.  That the best players are considered great if they make it on base three times out of ten.  That it takes work and practice.  But oh my goodness, this boy wants to win.  And he hasn't quite grasped the "it's not going to happen all the time" thing.   It's a constant work in progress!

Sometimes I also try to explain that he has a better shot of making it to first if he runs fast and doesn't watch the ball :).

But he's following his dad's advice here and using two hands...so I guess we'll take what we can get :)

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