Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March Little Things

Just a little review of our March happenings.

The Pony League that these three play for had a savings day at Dick's.  When RipTide walked up we had to get a picture.
Reese is a pro at reading her little sister stories!
We had a stomach bug pass through the house, and of course Hudson got it.  Jeter wasted no time taking care of his best buddy!
I mean....how cute are they?
Seriously?  Seriously!
Finley has taken her dog owning duties very seriously.  She even feeds him when he doesn't need to be fed.
Reesie lost her very first tooth (and another one a few days later).
We went to get ice cream.
And they cuddled together some more.
Wyatt had his yearly school music performance.  He gets into it.  I am impressed at the performances that his music teacher gets out of these kids!
He also had his first Select baseball scrimmage.  He was very excited.
Brian bought him a new bat, and for one whole week he seemed pretty determined to keep it clean...using bleach wipes after game.  What?!?
This girly had her first scrimmage.  She crushed the ball!
Hudson had a tea party at school, and he decided to bring his best buddy "Dollar Lucky" with him for tea.
Brian and I headed to Northern Virginia for my brother's wedding!
And after Matt and Kate got married, I finally got to hold my new niece, Camden!
And Finley spent a lot of time at Target.  Because duh.

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