Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(Back to) School for the Smalls

I said (back to) because Finley Quinn had her first day of school and Hudson had his third first day!  I go back and forth... I can't believe that she is in school twice a week, but I also really can't believe how LONG I've had someone home with me all of the time!

She has been making the drive to school since she was only one week old, so she was ready to be a preschooler.  There was no trepidation on her part when she went in to the school building.  And she basically ran from me and into her teacher's arms.  She loves her Ms. Sherry...although she calls "my fiend, Sherri."

Hudson is off to Pre-K this year.  He will be FIVE next month (absolutely crazy!), so he didn't meet the cut off for Kindergarten this year.  He is having LOTS of fun at school five days a week this year, though!  He's been in the same class with a lot of his friends since he was almost 3 - going to school is a big play date for him - with a lot of fun learning thrown in!  I love watching the friendships he's forming now.  Reese has THREE other kids from her Pre-K class in her First Grade class this year!
This is what happened when I tried to get a picture of them together on the front steps.
It was a little better when I let them get a break from the direct sunlight on the porch!
Walking into school with Daddy!
Brian told me that I have crazy eyes in this picture!  Ha!  I totally do!  It was my first Target trip ALONE in I don't even know how long!  The van was EMPTY!
Brian and I picked the kids up from school and took them to our traditional Back to School lunch.  Hudson loves a cheeseburger.
And little Miss Finley is a fan of chicken.
She was having a snack at the counter later that day and I was telling her that she didn't have school the next day.  She shot me this mean face!  She loves school, and asks to go every day!

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