Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Travel Soccer

Brian and I officially lost our minds and let Wyatt try out for a travel soccer team in June.  I was hesitant, but all of his soccer buddies were moving on, and he would be left without his "core group" if he played rec.  After talking it over with Wyatt, talking it over with Brian, and talking it over with his coach, we decided to let him play with his friends.  

We have heard a lot of nightmare stories about coaches who force their players to specialize at an early age, and fortunately, we have NOT come across that yet (and that's between both travel baseball and travel soccer). His soccer coach and his old baseball coach especially encouraged Wyatt to just be athletic, and his soccer coach is super understanding when he does have to miss something. Even though this mom is not a fan of super busy schedules, I know that Wyatt is happy playing soccer and baseball for now, so we'll ride it out as long as we can!
He had his first (and so far only) tournament about a month ago.  We've had to deal with a lot of rain recently!  They had a tough loss in their first game.  BUT! Wyatt and the boys that he has played with for a few years totally needed that loss.  They hadn't lost a soccer game in two years! Their egos may have been over inflated.

They were able to finish the first half of  their second game before the rain came.

Wyatt spent most of his time on Defense.  I think his coach knows that Wyatt hates to lose, and tries to channel that passion towards stopping the other team!

But even while he was playing Defense he managed to assist the only goal of the game!

And in case anyone wonders what my other kids do while we're at all of these activities...Hudson gets himself trapped in the net.  Typical weekend.  Ha!

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