Thursday, January 21, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 4: Happy Birthday, Hudson!

We were NOT going to go to Disney World in 2015.  In fact, the two main things that prompted us to book our trip were a postcard for a sale on resort stays, and the idea of Hudson turning 5 at the Magic Kingdom. He has the sweetest personality and is just joyful about everything, and we knew that he would LOVE celebrating turning FIVE at the Happiest Place on Earth!  I have to say, I love everything about Disney World, and I really enjoyed our days at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, but there is nothing like walking in to the Magic Kingdom!

The girls loved visiting with Tinkerbell!

We had Reese take pictures alone, too.  Sometimes Finley just wasn't feeling it :).

Splash Mountain is obviously one of our favorites!  These would be some of our first times...of about 15 on the trip!  Hudson also rode Space Mountain for the first time on his fifth birthday, He's a brave fellow!

This gal is a really excellent ride partner.

H got to ride Tomorrowland Speedway with his Daddy.  He truly enjoys everything.  You can't have a bad time with Huddoo!

We only booked our trip 4 months out, but I was able to secure some fun dining reservations thanks to Disney Dining Buddy.  It was shut down by Disney while we were planning our trip, but it was the. BEST. RESOURCE. for booking meals.  I would tell them when and where I wanted to eat, pay them EIGHT DOLLARS, and they texted me when a reservation was available.  It was perfection.  And Disney didn't like it.  Bummer!  I was able to get three reservations before it was shut down, though. One of them was for lunch at Be Our Guest.  Here is our collection of cupcakes.  The "Grey Stuff" really is delicious!

Ready to ride Big Thunder Mountain!

And the Barnstormer.  They paired up nicely when Brian and I needed to ride with Hudson and Finley!

COULD. NOT. believe that this girl was tall enough to ride The Barnstormer!

It would appear that Hudson spent his whole day riding rides with Brian.  #birthdaygoals

We had a Fast Pass for "VIP seating" for the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  We went to get our picture taken while we waited for the parade to start.

The ladies with Jasmine. She was so great with them!

More Dumbo!

Trying to pull the Sword from the Stone!
Wyatt was able to pull the Sword out when he was a baby.  He was pretty determined to do it on this trip, but didn't manage to muster the strength!

Brian's parents came to our hotel room after dinner for cupcakes and presents.  This guy was super excited to end his birthday with chocolate cupcakes and Miles from Tomorrowland loot!

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