Sunday, January 3, 2016

Disney Day 1: Not Actually Disney

We set out on our Florida road trip the day after Halloween.  Brian and I didn't put a ton of pressure on ourselves to be out of the house super early, and we were on the road by 8:30.  I spent the weeks leading up to the trip sorting out our clothes and making lists.  We loaded up Mimi and Baba's Expedition the night before and made a last minute decision to take our Expy instead of the van. We're crazy like that, ha!

Leaving our court for the ride to Florida!  All smiles...for now.

I haven't blogged about Wyatt's school year since the first day of school, but I can say that it is going amazingly well.  His teacher this year motivates him and gets him excited about learning.  I am beyond thankful for the year that he is having.  Even though we were going on vacation and his absence was "unexcused," his teacher gave us the math work for the 6 days he was going to miss, and he did all of it on the drive down.  Without me asking.  It was a Disney Miracle (and motivated by how much he really likes his teacher).
This is how Finley felt when we got to South Carolina.  Stank face much?
We actually made really good time and we were in Florida by 8 or 9 that night.  We stopped about 30 minutes outside of Orlando.

We woke up early the next morning and drove to Legoland.  Basically, all Brian's dreams came true. When Reese was a baby, this park was being leased by his former company (under a different name) and he spent a few weeks running it.  It was fun to hear his perspective on the changes that have happened in the last 7 years!

Everything was made out of Lego bricks.  Everything!

We went on a quest to find all of the Lego Friends girls.  Reese is obsessed with the show, and her little sister has certainly picked up on the trend.   We found each girl individually in Heartlake City, and then stumbled on them all together when we left a ride.
There was quite a collection of Star Wars characters made out of Legos.

I had an important message to get to Obi Wan Kenobi.  I can't imagine what that would be.
These two were excited to get on a roller coaster.
We weren't expecting to leave LegoLand soaked.  But thanks to Legends of Chima and some super competitive children (and a husband who has a bit of a competitive streak), they all left drenched.
After we left the park we made our way back to Orlando and Walt Disney World!  Crossing through this sign is always the best feeling.  We were on vacation!

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