Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Boy - 34 Weeks!

  • How Far Along: 34 weeks!
  • Size of the Baby: He's a "large cantaloupe." He should be done growing lengthwise and is now just packing on the pounds!
  • Total Weight Gain: 24 pounds. And I lost 2 from my appointment two weeks ago to my appointment today!
  • Maternity Clothes: Actually, in the picture above I'm modeling non maternity clothes! One of my Target layering tank tops (LOVE), with my Target sweater. It's been raining here for 48 hours. I put my pajamas on as soon as I got home today (1:00). But yes, if I'm going out in public I do wear maternity clothes.
  • Gender: Boy. Nameless little Gooey. Which we will not be actually naming him.
  • Movement: Constant.
  • What I Miss: Sleeping through the night.
  • Sleep: Some nights I sleep. Some nights I don't. Some mornings my fantastic husband lets me sleep in even though it's actually his day to sleep in because he knows I have important baby development sleep to get.
  • Symptoms: Braxton Hicks. Achy hips. Achy legs. Nesting. Huge stomach.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Wyatt is officially completely potty trained. Reese is beginning her potty training. We decided on the bedroom situation and we made a list of all the things that need to be finished before the baby comes. So those are lots of good moments this week!
  • What I'm Looking Forward to: We're getting closer and closer to picking out a name for the little guy. Seriously, we even have a list now! We're really getting into the thick of the actual baby planning, so there's lots of little cute baby things to take out of the attic and set up, little baby clothes to wash, and in 5 weeks there's a beautiful little baby boy that we're going to meet!

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