Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, after this I will officially be caught up on my Project 365/iPurge (and then I'll post another on Thursday)!  And there will be more blog posts soon.  I'm still catching  up on everything from being sick, and someone else is always sick, too!  Brian says he can't remember a time this winter where someone hasn't been sick - and it's true!  I feel like there is a humidifier on somewhere every night!

 Thursday, 1/26 - Hanging out in his car seat.
 Friday, 1/27 - He found the baby food in the Target bags!  He eats what we eat now, but he loves these things!  How can I deny him extra servings of fruits and veggies if that's what he wants?!?
 Saturday, 1/28 - We took a trip to Toys R Us to use some rewards points before they expired (seriously though, Toys R Us might have the worst system for this ever - they expired two weeks after I got them).  These two never miss an opportunity to explore while we're there!  We ended up using all of our rewards points on a Team Umizoomi math kit - and Wyatt LOVES it.  He wants to do math every day!
 Sunday, 1/29 - I told her she could take a few toys to bed during quiet time (she rarely sleeps nowadays).  She dumped a toy bin in there, and then fell asleep on top of the toys!
 Monday, 1/30 - My little helper picking up all the grocery bags!
 Tuesday, 1/31 - Working on the Team Umizoomi math kit.  Wyatt could use the popsicle shape to make anything he wanted - and we ended up with Derek Jeter!
Wednesday, 2/1 - My assistant helping me make coffee in the morning.  He loves to help put the K-cup in and hit the start button.  He gets down to watch the cup fill.  And then he says, "Mommy, your hot coffee is ready!"
This is what my Photo 365 app looked like at the end of the month!

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