Friday, February 3, 2012

iPurge Catch Up!

So I've been really MIA.  I just haven't really felt like pulling out the laptop at night.  I guess I've been too busy watching Idol and reruns of Friends on Nick at Nite?  It's incredible how old you feel when you realize that Friends started 18 years ago.  Like, that is some frightening stuff.  I mean, sure I was only 12 then, but still.  Friends and Seinfeld and ER were my shows back then!  

I've also been sick.  I feel like I've been coughing for a month (probably because I have), and I finally went to the doctor and I had bronchiolitis!  Uck!  After some antibiotics I feel much better, and the cough finally seems to be subsiding.  But I was miserable and not sleeping well at all!

Anyway, I guess I've been lazy and sick, but I need to get back on track!  I keep up with the blog to document their lives, after all!  I'm just going to do the week I missed today so I don't post 14 pictures at once!

 Thursday, 1/19 - Wyatt and I working on his sight words while Reese was at school.  He is such a combination of Brian and I!  While he was working he was going through the words and organizing them according to whether he knew them or not (so me!), and if he got one wrong he would go back to the beginning and start over (so Brian!). I can not believe that he is going to turn 5 next month!
Friday, 1/20 - Hudson continuing his hat obsession with Wyatt's Yankees helmet!  And Wyatt's old baseball sweatshirt.  Although, this little guy seems to have developed a love affair with basketball!
 Saturday, 1/21 - Playing in the kitchen cabinets while Daddy and Wyatt were at the movies!  We have gotten new and improved cabinet locks since then.  He was seriously spending every waking moment trying to break into the cabinets!
 Sunday, 1/22 - This is what little boys do, right?  A comic book and a flashlight on his bed?  Ha!
 Monday, 1/23 - Hanging out playing with Reese's Olivia toys.
 Tuesday, 1/24 - Cuddling on the couch with my Reesie!
Wednesday, 1/25 - Reese and Hudson took over Wyatt's Football Guys field.  Wyatt has a collection of Hockey Guys, Baseball Guys, and Football Guys and he loves them.  They really help him use his imagination, and it's sports oriented.  They are awesome toys!

So now that I'm semi caught up, I hope I can blog some more this weekend! We've got basketball games and the Super Bowl, so fun times are ahead.  Wyatt is predicting a Giants win this year.  He was right last year, so maybe he's a sports psychic?

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  1. were only 12 when Friends was on TV? Oh wow, now I feel old! I was a MOM!! And my daughter was almost one year old!! AGH!! (I was 22.)