Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I figured that rather than updating ALL of the pictures I've taken since my last iPurge (slacker!) and Project 365 photos, I would just upload my favorites and then share the final screen shot like I did last month!
Monday, 2/10 - There's a new sheriff in town!  Does he look tough or what?
 Sunday, 2/12 - I first found these yummy pretzel, Hershey kiss, M&M treats on Pinterest for Christmas, but when I had the "bring whatever you want" category for Wyatt's Valentine's Day Party, I figured I would make them again!  They are delicious, and I could eat the whole cookie sheet if someone didn't stop me!
 Monday, 2/13 - Reese and I worked on her Valentine's the night before her party.  I was just going to sign them for her, but she insisted on tracing her name!
Saturday, 2/18 - Hudson and Mason taking turns getting yogurt melts from Mason's Nana!
Monday, 2/20 - I was sick the day after we got home from  Charlotte, and Reese decided to dress herself that day.  Is she a fashionista or what?
Friday, 2/24 - Wyatt finished his bird unit at school, and he was very excited to bring home his "bird book." His last bird was the Baltimore Oriole. The last day of the unit they had a "Baltimore Oriole" party, so he insisted that he wear a Yankees shirt!  I was so proud of him - he hates coloring, but he really wanted to take his time and color the birds correctly.  He did an outstanding job!
Monday, 2/27 - Cuddling on the couch, watching Max & Ruby.  I love the look on Hudson's face and his chubby little leg!  He does look just like Wyatt did at that age!
Tuesday, 2/28 - The Reese in the Hat after they started their Dr. Seuss unit!  This month Reese's class is learning all about the good "doctor," and she is very excited!  Wyatt LOVED this unit last year, and I know she will, too.  Even if it means every bed time story is a Dr. Seuss book!
This is the screen shot of my Photo 365 app at the end of the month!  I can not believe that I am actually keeping up with this!


  1. Your kids are so adorable! I think your little fashionista did excellent!

  2. I love Reese's outfit that she picked herself, so adorable!

  3. Love the one where they have their tongues out! Too cute!