Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We had a very low key Father's Day.  And when I say we, I mean me and the kids.  Brian was at work until 4 (and he had to be there super early), so the kids didn't even see him until he got home.  Wyatt threw a fit last week when I told him that Brian had to work on Father's Day, so I didn't even mention it to them until he was almost home!

Once he got home they gathered up their cards (the big kids each worked on one at school, and we did a little Father's Day questionnaire that I found on Pinterest) and sat down to give them to their Daddy!

Reese was not happy that Wyatt got to go first.
But everything was better once they heard each other's responses to the card!  Brian asked if I wanted him to change out of his shirt before we took pictures. This is one of his very favorite (VERY FREE) white shirts to wear under his polo at work!
Love this smile!
She was very proud that she wrote "Dad" all by herself on the card without looking at anything!
And never satisfied with being left out, Wyatt jumped in the picture, too!
After we opened cards, the kids each gave Brian a present.  We got him the first 3 Spiderman movies on Blu-Ray (I still firmly believe that Spiderman 2 is one of the greatest movies ever), and each one of the kids gave him one.  He got a grill set from me.  I really wanted to get him an iPad, but we have too many other things we want to "invest" in right now - a swingset for the backyard, and another trip to Disney World  - so we decided together not to get it (there was no way I was spending that much money without asking him!  Ha!).

We ordered pizzas and went over to Brian's parents house for dinner and to let the kids play.  They had fun, but Hudson is itching to play baseball with his Daddy and Baba and Wyatt, and I know it bothers him that he isn't big enough yet!

Here is the link to the printable that we did on Father's Day!  It was super cute to sit down with the kids and talk about their Daddy.  Basically, all of Reese's answers involved hugs and kisses, and Wyatt's centered around how happy he is that his Daddy coached his baseball team!

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