Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reese's Dance Recital!

Reese's first dance recital ever yesterday!  We had a whirlwind day at my sister's graduation party and then wardrobe changes for everyone to get to her recital on time, but she was so excited!

I took these before her dress rehearsal on Thursday!

I love this costume!  It is super cute, and I think it was one of the cheaper ones because it was on sale.  They did a super cute dance called "Me and My Teddy Bear," and their costumes all came with a bear in a matching costume!
Reesie did such a good job!  She started out on one end though....
and made her way down to the other side before it ended.
I think that she spent the whole rehearsal time and the time before the show started hanging out with Paige and Skyler and she wanted to be with them while she danced!

She was very excited to see me when I went to grab her after the show. Her dance class is on Tuesdays after school, so we don't get to see her "in action" very much, but she has learned a lot this year, and she really loves dance!


  1. Omgoodness! She looks adorable! I was a dancer for my whole life, and I cannot wait to put Gwen in dance {hoping she loves it}. I am so excited for that day! Great pics!

  2. There was a little dance class dancing to that same song with the same bear at recital last year! I bet she was adorable. It's amazing how much kids learn in a year or two. I was so surprised by Keaghan's second recital this year at how much more they remember and how much more complicated the dance gets!