Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project 365: Week 17

Trying desperately to get caught up before Finley Quinn turns 8 months old tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 23
I've been going to the YMCA 3 or  4 days a week to work out.  The first few days were NOT good for Finley and Hudson, but they finally adjusted to being left!  Now Hudson even says, "Go to YMCA, Momma work out, I play, Momma come back.," after we drop the kids off at school.  Finley has even started "noticing" the other kids!
 Wednesday, April 24
Ready for baseball!
 Thursday, April 25
We had to take Reese to soccer (Brian met us there after work), and Wyatt fell asleep on the way home.  That's what happens when you wake up at 5:30 ready to play Legos!
 Friday, April 26
Hudson was very into the new episode of Sofia The First.  Very into it.
 Saturday, April 27
Just hanging out!  I love, love, love this little dress from Restoration Hardware!  It was originally Reesie's but it's perfect for her little sister!
 Sunday, April 28
Another shot of Reesie the gardener.  And her KISS shirt.
Monday, April 29
Matching sisters!  I ordered the tunic for Reese, and then saw that there was a matching one for Finley...and Reese's favorite thing about having a sister is the matching!

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