Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend - Friday & Saturday

I know that I still have three posts to do to follow up with this one that I wrote about Wyatt, but I think it will be more of a weekly thing then daily.  Reesie is next up on Friday :)

Our Mother's Day weekend was definitely low key, which is just how I like it!  It was our final "normal weekend" before the water park opens, and Brian is gone all the time.  I can't believe that it's summer time again!  I feel like it creeps up on us every year.  I was making plans for this weekend, and then I realized that Brian is actually going to be at work - and I'm going to need some help to get everything done!

We spent Friday evening at a make up baseball game!
I love this kid!
 He got his practice swings in with Baba, and then he decided to sit on the bucket of balls while he waited for his at bat!
 Hitting the ball!
 He got to pitch that day, so he was in "I really actually think I'm Andy Pettitte" heaven.  The fake mechanics involved in his pitching are hysterical.
 Brian had to drag and line the fields after the game, so the kids and I hung out with friends while we waited.  And Finley had some fun watching her brothers and sister in the sand box.

Saturday morning started with 2 soccer games at the exact same time. 
Brian and I switched between Reesie's game and Wyatt's.  She played a great game! Super aggressive and she didn't back down when other kids were trying to get the ball.  It always cracks me up when I hear her coaches tell her to play like she does against Wyatt!
 Wyatt's team ended up playing a team that was missing players, and the kids on his team ended up switching back and forth to play for the competition.  I have no idea what he and his buddy Jack were talking about, but I loved this.  So far from last season when they were competitors throwing elbows at each other!
 This is what they do during the last quarter if they aren't in the game.  They stand on the sidelines with Coach  Jason watching everything and jockeying for him to put them back in so they can score!
 And we followed soccer up with a baseball game!  These busy weekends are quickly winding down, and even though it gets a little crazy, I'm going to miss it!

After our morning on the go, I was able to come home and relax before heading out with my mom to get mani/pedi's, shop TJ Maxx, and get some frozen yogurt - a pretty great Mother's Day "pre-game!"

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