Friday, July 5, 2013

Living Museum

First, I'm going to rant for a second.  It has been rainy every Monday for about 3 months. Seriously!  In April and May, Brian had to cancel baseball games every Monday.  It was so bad that one coach (who could only play on Mondays) had to make up 5 games!  Now that Mondays are Brian's only day off, our luck with weather hasn't gotten any better.  The beginning of this entire week was actually pretty gross, and we got rained on at swim lessons every morning!

Since we have such great luck in the weather department, we decided to head to The Living Museum.  It had been too long since our last visit.

I love the way Huddoo is looking over to see what Reesie is doing.
 We told the kids that they could bring their umbrellas for the nature trail, but I didn't think they would actually need them.  It had stopped raining on our trip up, so we thought we were in the clear.  Sure enough, it started pouring right before we went out!
 Oh my goodness, y'all.  We were walking through the trail, and we heard branches rustling and then something fell.  It was this snake!  It was only a few feet away from where we were on the walkway.  If that had fallen off of one of the overhead branches, I. would. have. died.  
 It's hard to tell who wants to be with Daddy more on his days off.  Reese has an almost nightly breakdown about missing Daddy, Wyatt has "lists" of things he wants to do with him, but Hudson stays attached to him.  I love his arms rested on top of Brian's hat!
 Hudson is pretty attached to this sweet girl, too.  If she's going somewhere (this week it's been to my mom's, and to her friend Ryan's), he screams "Reesie!  Come back!  Come back, Reesie!"  Before you think to yourself about how adorable he is, just know that he's also shouted the following phrase to me about a dozen times this week: "Mommy!  Take the kids back to school NOW!"
 Love these guys!
We had a fun day at the museum, and we followed it up with a trip to Target.  I swear Brian's days off just fly by.  Or maybe it's just that the days at home with all four by myself feel a little longer  :).

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