Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Eve

So I'm a little late posting our Christmas recap.  Or really, all of December.  I've been busy doing...well, nothing very interesting.  In December it was Christmas stuff.  Since then? Some cleaning.  Some reading.  And a lot of Downton Abbey binging (how did no one tell me about this amazing show before now?  I feel betrayed.)

So, anywho, I thought it would be beneficial to post about our Christmas, and then I'll perhaps go back and cover Hudson and Reese's Christmas programs.  And Wyatt's baseball camp.   You know, the usual.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family.  We had our traditional "Italian" meal, and then we all exchanged gifts.  This is what the tree and gifts looked like for about 30 seconds before the kids destroyed it all.
 Who was most excited to open presents?  The 5 year old or the 19 year old? 
I will give them both the award for most stylish at the Christmas gathering, though.
 This is the best picture I got of the cousins on Christmas Eve.
 For Christmas this year, my mom gifted the big kids with "experiences."  Reesie is taking art every Monday for the rest of the school year, and Wyatt is taking ice skating lessons for hockey.  But they couldn't just open that on Christmas Eve, could they?  So they each got one of these:
 And this Momma has spent the last three weeks figuring out new bracelet designs...Okay, so that's REALLY what I've been doing since Christmas.

"A Holiday Barbie?  For meeeeeeeee?"
 Star Wars Lego for this guy!
 And Hudson just enjoys throwing wrapping paper in the air!
 And I'm all about some Playroom Rules - Hobby Lobby for the win!  Seriously though, we don't have Hobby Lobby here, and I so wish we did.  My mom got me some super cute chevron throw pillows for the couch, too.  

Marc and April had to leave early so they could get back to Richmond before Santa came, and we always like to have some time at home before the kids head to bed on Christmas Eve. But that will all probably have to be a separate post!

But everyone can now breathe sigh of relief, I have blogged again.  Which means it will probably be less intimidating the next time I pick up the computer!

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