Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Morning

The kids woke up ready to open presents on Christmas morning.

In fact, I think Wyatt and Reese had already ripped a package open before Brian and I got out of bed.  Last year they at least waited for their grandparents to get here...this year, not so much!

Finley was clearly more interested in eating.  It's one of her favorite things.
 These two were able to get along for MOST of the day.  A true Christmas miracle!
 Brian has a Yankees hat for almost every occasion.
 Reese noticed that this paper matched the paper in her Santa bag...and she figured out that this one was for her.  Little brothers, man.  Always trying to steal your stuff, and ruin your puzzles, and open your presents.
 Daddy and the girls!
 And the boys!
(Was I at Christmas?)

And these next three just show what I love about having a big family.
Hudson adores his big brother.
(We take them all shopping for presents for each other.  These are the pictures of the kids exchanging their gifts).
 And Finley loves her big sister.
 And the middles kind of adore each other, too!

They opened presents (and opened and opened and opened)...we do one. present. at. a. time.  Brian likes for Christmas to drag on to last for more than five minutes).  We stopped for some breakfast and then they opened their presents from us.

And yes, there is more Christmas to come...we still hadn't been to Mimi and Baba's!

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