Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little More Tee Ball

Hudson has had the best time playing tee ball at the Y this summer.  I love that it's first thing in the morning on Saturdays, so Brian could easily work coaching him into his schedule.  I know he didn't want to miss that experience with Hudson!
 He is definitely in the running for one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen play tee ball.  He's obviously in a tie with this his big brother.  Sigh.  Little Wyatt.

 He's got a pretty strong swing.  You can tell he spends LOTS of time watching his older siblings play.  
It's almost time for the big kids to start their sports seasons again!  Reese is pretty determined to stick with tee ball, and Wyatt is going to play baseball and soccer again this fall.  He's super excited to be on the same soccer team as last spring!

I just looked at the date and realized it's August 11th!  In three weeks school will be starting AND I'll have a six year old girl, too!  Time.  Slow down a bit.  Seriously!

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