Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Disney World Day 2: Hollywood Studios!

As I already covered, we went to Hollywood Studios on Day 2!

This little girl was ready for a day of fun!  She did pretty well on the bus ride - not TOO much moving around.
 After our morning of Darth Maul and Star Tours fun, we headed to our Fast Pass at Toy Story Mania!  It is one of my favorite rides at Disney World, although I was riding with Wyatt and I beat him, which is never a good combo.  He likes to win!

We had lunch at the Cafeteria - which may have been one of my favorite meals all week.  There was plenty of seating for us all, and it entertained the kids with clips from America's Funniest Home videos.   Then we stopped to see Muppets 3D and then Lightning McQueen and Mater.

 We went to the "For the First Time in Forever" Frozen sing along (I did Fast Pass it, but it may not have been necessary. Stand by ended up with better seats).  It was actually pretty funny and all of the kids enjoyed it.  I was worried that Brian and I might go crazy since we've heard every Frozen song 8 million times this year, but the narrators made it interesting! 

 Then we visited Santa Goofy!
The kids love the Lights, Camera, Action show.  It's obviously a hit with the boys, but the girls also loved it.  Finley did get fidgety, and it was hard to keep her still, but when the cars were moving it wasn't too bad!

This was my Disney Side for the week.  I had to put on everyone's Magic Bands halfway through the day.  They all got irritated with them, so they ended up on me.  Fortunately, I didn't make Wyatt's "child sized" (you just take off the gray piece to fit the kids), so I was able to get them all on!
 After the Indiana Jones show, we made a very quick stop to the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.  That street gets very crowded!
We HAD to have our picture taken in from of the hat on the way out- it's supposed to be gone sometime this month!
We went back to the hotel for some rest. We had our first day at Magic Kingdom the next day!

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