Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hudson's Christmas Program

We got back from Disney World on Sunday, December 14th.  On Monday, the 15th, Hudson's class had their Christmas program - one of the biggest reasons we left early was because we knew there was no way to add any days on at the end of the trip - we didn't want Hudson to miss his program and party.
I had him tell me that songs he was singing, and then Reese helped him remember the words while we were on vacation.  She's such a teacher!
 The grand finale was "Feliz Navidad," as usual.  Wyatt and Reese helped Hudson with the Spanish.  Not because they speak Spanish, but because they have years of experience with Christmas programs! 
 I don't think this boy came down from a sugar high the entire month! 
 He and his friend Noah had matching Christmas shirts.  Because Christmas is awesome! He has the sweetest group of friends at school.  He would flip out if he found out that I called them sweet.  Because they're not sweet, they are cool boys.  But he loves his friends Noah and Fletcher and Mason.  I'm so glad some of them are staying together for Pre-K next year! 

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