Monday, January 5, 2015

Disney World Day 1: Animal Kingdom!

We left for Disney a month ago today.  Just writing that makes me sad.  We had so much fun, and I always hate the passage of time after a vacation.  Following it up with Christmas helped some, but now it's all just so depressing!

We changed our plans up a bit and left first thing Friday morning (before 6:30! A miracle for us).  We were planning to leave Friday afternoon after school, then stop in South Carolina overnight, but Brian was too excited.  Really!  He wanted to get our vacation going, and leaving early gave us an extra day in the parks.  It didn't take much convincing to get me to leave earlier than planned!

Leaving on Friday morning meant we made it to Orlando by 8, checked into a small hotel for the night (the same hotel Brian stayed at when he was there for work last month), and left for the Wilderness Lodge first thing in the morning.  It was only a 10 minute drive. Our room wasn't ready, but they took our bags and the Concierge helped me add an extra day to our Park Hopper.  We asked the kids where they wanted to go, and Wyatt's excitement to get to Animal Kingdom spread to the other kids.  We decided to head there with no fast passes planned (although I did book one or two on the bus ride)!

Finley spent most of the week taking her shoes off.  Even on the colder days!

Our first day was a Saturday, but the park didn't feel very crowded.  The very first thing that we did was stop and get the kids their Wilderness Explorer guides.  The Wilderness Explorer program is new (since our last visit), and they had the best time earning badges.  Especially Wyatt!

We got to see all of the animals on the safari.  It is something that makes everyone happy!  Wyatt soaks in everything he hears about the animals, and I'm pretty sure he makes mental comparisons between what the safari driver tells him and what he learns from Chris and Martin Kratt and Jack Hanna!

The Wilderness Explorer program was so much fun for them.  They learned a lot, and they earned a badge at the drums, which are always a favorite...
Especially for Daddy.

We also went to the  Festival of the Lion King that afternoon - always a fun show for the little ones!
And Baba got everyone some Mickey Mouse ice cream!

I was a little anxious to get back to the hotel room and get settled for the week, so we left around 4.  Something about 6 people, 6 suitcases, a few backpacks and bins, and STUFF  just made me want to get organized!  The two little ones were also pretty tired!

They needed to  put on their best animal faces, we had a week at Disney to attack!

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