Thursday, July 23, 2015

All Star Weekend Two

Another weekend of baseball followed Wyatt's first All Star weekend.  I said before that I was worried that he was going to be "baseballed-out," but he wasn't even close.  He wants to play baseball constantly, and practices were really just an extra workout for him everyday.  Ha!

We spent the weekend driving back and forth to Suffolk.   The drive wasn't bad at all during non-rush hour, but it seemed like all of his game times were during rush hour, so we were leaving the house two hours before games.  And late games with this kid?  They can be hard.  Because he is up before the sun every. single. day!  Fortunately he napped on the drive over most of the time.
The boys played really well during the tournament.  They were hitting the ball, making big plays, and they were really well coached.  It made for a lot of fun baseball watching.

A local photographer was taking action shots during the games and sold these prints.  We were able to look at the pictures, choose the ones we wanted, and then they printed them at the complex.  Since it was Father's Day weekend, I let Brian choose his gift!  Ha!
The final game was a big one.  We were so excited that they made it to the end, but the team that they played is good.  Really good.  Wyatt has played them before with his Select team (and during last year's All Star tournament), and he was pretty nervous.  In the end, his team came in second, but they were still really proud of themselves!
They got three whole days off before the next tournament was scheduled.  Wyatt thought that made him a "real" baseball player!

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