Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Weekend

This was the most eventful weekend that we have had in awhile, but it's been fun!

Thursday was a late night!  I finished PiYo, had mountains of laundry to fold, and then had to watch X-Files with Brian.  It's called compromise, Ha!  For almost 15 years (which is just unbelievable!) I have held pretty strongly to my anti-Scully ways (I find Gillian Anderson's manner of speaking annoying).  BUT I am making the sacrifice.  Because marriage.  And I think I can use this to get him to watch Gilmore Girls with me one day.  Just kidding!  His feelings about Lauren Graham are similar to mine about Gillian.  I can't even comprehend being annoyed by Lorelai Gilmore.  Now her as Sarah Braverman on Parenthood on the other hand....

FQB has had a weird little rash on her arm for a few weeks, and I coudn't get it to go away!  So we went to the doctor for some steroid cream...and she had to have her picture taken in front of the dolphin!

On Friday night we met up with friends at the Y pool!  I brought dinner for them, and they wolfed it down during adult swim.  Then they all shared Ian's cheetos!

He had a blast doing laps in the pool!  

Reesie and Emma!
The boys played Baseball Guys together before bed.  I think their last play involved some sort of bench clearing brawl!
The Talls had a baseball camp on Saturday morning with the Norfolk Tides, so the Smalls and I went to the Y, to Mimi and Baba's house for cousin time, and then came home to get ready for a fun play date. Wyatt and Reese came with me to visit with Steph, Natalie, and Baby Dave.  Had to get a picture of these two boys - the first born of all the kids and the newest addition!
And these two girls born about three months apart!
And on Sunday we went to not one, but TWO birthday parties.  Miss Reesie Piecey went to her friend Madison's birthday where they got to paint (Reese is having her party there, too). Wyatt went to his friend Brady's party, where there was LOTS of baseball!

It was a really fun weekend, and I can't believe it was the final weekend of July.  Ready or not, here comes August.  I've already started working on the schedule - baseball and soccer are ramping back up.  And school doesn't even start until September 8th!

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