Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Swim Lessons: Week One

For the first time EVER, all four of the kids are taking swim lessons.  At the same time.  With no one begging me for snacks.  It really is Christmas in July!

I spent the week leading up to their lessons in a panic.  Finley really only talks to us, she isn't always a fan of leaving my side, and she cried while we were at my mom's pool.  Guess what?  I wasted a lot of time worrying.  Because she walked off to the pool with her teacher and didn't look back.
She worked hard during her first class. She tried on life jackets, pulled her teacher with the noodle, and went under!
Hudson spent most of his time throwing things into the pool.
Reese and Wyatt are both working hard on their freestyle.  It is pretty tough to change stations.  Reese is a bit of a perfectionist, so Brian and I can even see her trying to fix herself mid-stroke because she's not doing it correctly.  Then she decides she wants to start all over from  the beginning!
Such a cutie.  Our friend works as the site supervisor and she told me today that all the instructors want to steal Finley and take her home with them!
These two are super competitive, so it's been funny to watch them try to beat each other, but also try to correct each other.

Finley became friends with this sweet girl the first week.  Finley couldn't stand on the third step, so she picked her up once and passed her to the teacher.  It was so sweet!
Everyone's favorite part of swim lessons is the jumping!
Finley passed Station One on her first day of lessons!  Brian and I were both totally surprised by that!
These two bobbed.  A lot.
Finley practiced her bubbles.
Hudson was a kamikaze on the steps.

This picture shows just what a perfectionist she is, Look at that hand.
Working on that freestyle!
On the third day she passed Station Two!  That was big!  It took Reesie almost two summers to pass that Station!
The relationship that Hudson and Finley share is very different from Wyatt and Reese's.  They aren't competitive at all.   Hudson is super easy going, and in case you can't tell from the hands on the hips, Finley is just a little opinionated! They get along for the most part, as long as Hudson listens to Finley when she tells him what to do! By the last day of class they were really ready to jump in at the end of lessons!

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