Monday, November 7, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday Party: Part 3 - The Decor!

When I was first planning Hudson's party, I had two goals: to make as much of the food and decor as possible, and also to have it be completely stress free.  I tend to be a ball of stress on birthday party days!

When I found this invitation on Pinterest, I knew that it was the one I was looking for!

I pinned the instructions for this balloon wreath from How Does She and was really excited to try it out!  I LOVED how it turned out - and it's actually still on my door!  I like the Thanksgiving colors :)  Mine is a little fuller than the one in the tutorial - but I was kind of obsessive about it!
I liked this idea - but wanted to do it with something I already had. I created this magnetic board for another Pinterest project (make up storage), so I just attached an adhesive magnet to the back of Hudson's monthly pictures and put them on the frame.  I added the mat for guests to sign, a framed invitation, and the favors (chocolate covered pretzel rods) to the table with it - and I was in love!
The food table was easy enough - cupcakes, smash cake, and all the food.  Buffalo chicken balls, Pizza dip, pigs in a blanket, and a veggie tray are on the table.  I actually found the actual "tray" at Target in the $1 section, and got all the veggies myself!  We also had meatballs, chicken nuggets for the kids, and Brian's 7 layer dip but those weren't out yet :)
And quite possibly one of my very favorite things -
I got all the ribbon on clearance at Michael's.  I cut all the ribbon while we watched the X Factor one night, and then hot glued them later that week while Brian and Wyatt went to a hockey game.  You wouldn't think that spending a Saturday night with ribbon and a hot glue gun would be that fun, but when you add in a glass of Moscato and The American President, it's really not that bad!

I have to say that I just loved how Hudson's birthday party turned out, and I kind of can't wait to plan the next party - but we have until March to worry about that!


  1. Absolutely adorable party! Love the ribbon ball and the balloon wreath. So cute! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Little Man! What a cutie patootie you are!

  3. Everything is super cute!!! LOVE the wreath and the topiary...and those invites are to die for!!!

    If you like Moscato - Trader Joes has one called Sara Bee that I am obsessed with...its wonderful and only $5.99:)