Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The Spirit

I'm guilty.

We've been Christmas shopping.  Friday afternoon and night we had a "date night." Our date consisted of me going along for Brian's flu shot, and then a trip to Toys R Us.  There was a sale that day, and we had no idea.  Until the store was packed when we arrived - like Black Friday packed.

We were able to get some things for Reese (almost done!), Hudson's Elmo, and one present for Wyatt.  We followed that up with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and came home to our kids (and our DVR)!

My mom watched the kids yesterday.  We went to see J. Edgar.  My initial review?  Good? Interesting?  A little weird?  I found Armie Hammer's aging to be disturbing.  I found Josh Lucas' appearance as Charles Lindbergh to be (very) pleasant.  I just don't really trust biopics.  Even when they're directed by Clint Eastwood.  (Note to Brian: I'm not saying anything bad about Clint Eastwood.  I promise.)

After the movie we did a little more Christmas shopping.  We went to an early dinner. And then we went to Kohl's, where I got this:

It's not for me.  I swear.  It's for Reese's room.  We want to put small trees in their rooms.  I got a regular green tree at Target last week.  But then I saw this purple one for 50% off yesterday.  And it was perfect.  She loves purple.  And I got her purple and pink ornaments at Michael's on clearance last year.  I'm kind of excited.  I'm (probably) returning the other one. And this is going up.  Soon.

I'm biting the bullet today and packing up the Thanksgiving stuff.  And we're going all out Christmas around here.  Pronto.  I love the lights and the twinkle.  And Christmas.  Especially when it involves purple trees.

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  1. We did some Christmas shopping this weekend too. I want to put our Christmas stuff up now, but Eric wants to wait til after Thanksgiving. So I'm waiting, as much as I dont want to. lol. Love that little purple tree, so cute! :)