Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Weekend

We spent all day Saturday running around (or, at least it felt like it)!

Wyatt had his final soccer game of the season that morning at 9.  He had a lot of fun this season, and he learned a lot.  He got really good at passing the ball to his team mates (and looking for them to be open for him to pass to), and he learned to play some defense too...
For those times when 7 or 8 goals was enough.  After the game we went to thank his coaches for working with him, and teaching him new things.  His coach told us that he definitely has "it."  It's a little weird to me to hear that about a 5 year old, but he is definitely good!  It's going to be hard in the fall because he's going to play baseball, and he gets to choose between soccer and flag football!
After 9:00 soccer we went to a 10:30 baseball game. 
Wyatt played two innings in the outfield, and got to play first base once.  He cracked me up this time.  His buddy Hunter was pitching (which is a big place to stop the ball and throw to first), and when Hunter looked over at first and saw Wyatt, he shouted, "Hey Wyatt!  You better catch whatever I throw you!"  Ha!

Well, on the second play - he did!
He caught the ball, tagged first base, and stood there looking at the kid like, "You're out."
He and Hunter worked together for 2 more outs that inning!  Wyatt would walk over to the pitcher's mound and give Hunter a high five!  Ha! These two need to stay on the same team because they have so much fun playing together!

When we finally got home, Brian needed to head to work.  The waterpark opened this weekend, so he had to go in.  I can't believe it's that time of year again!  I also can't believe that my husband wasn't there that morning, but I guess his priorities have shifted a bit over the last 12 years :).

The kids and I spent most of the weekend hanging out at home.  The Jeep is having some issues, so Brian ended up taking my van to work.  The kids were able to get outside to play on Saturday, but Sunday was gross!  Reesie went to North Carolina for Piper's birthday party with Mimi and Baba and the boys had a pajama day.  Really, a quiet day.  That may have included a nap for me :).

Brian and I did make it out to see The Avengers again that night thanks to my little sister, the Pro Bono Babysitter.  It was just as good the second time as it was the first.  I'm honestly a little surprised every time I go and see little kids Wyatt's age (especially to a 7:45 movie on a Sunday).  I would never let Wyatt go to a movie (or see one) like that if I hadn't seen it first.  I mean, he likes superheroes, but I think that there are definitely elements that are too boring (like when the Avengers actually "assemble") and there are also parts that are too scary for him.  It's just really weird to me.  I'd much rather have him experience it at home when he can see some cool parts, but everything else can be fast forwarded.  Movies aren't cheap, and you can't really trust Hollywood (or anyone else) to be a parent to your kid!

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  1. When we went to see The Hunger Games, there was a 5 year old there. Not that we went late (it was the middle of the afternoon), but just the premise of the movie. Carl and I were pretty shocked when we saw the kid walk in with his parents.