Monday, June 10, 2013

Baseball: Team Party and Last Game!

The Dodgers had a team party last week!  Because so many of the kids from the team are moving up to Coach pitch, Brian wanted to do something to celebrate their "t-ball careers."  We all met a local park with pizzas, chips, cupcakes, and of course, the trophies!

The kids all had a great time running around, and they barely stopped to eat their pizza.  I love this group shot with Hudson looking on in the background!
 These two would NOT look at me to get a picture of them.
 And I'm not sure why I thought that would change when we added another one to the mix!  Evan, Wyatt, and Hunter are the three "original Dodgers."  They've been playing with each other since they were all 4.
 Wyatt getting his trophy from his Daddy.  Brian says something about each kid, and he was telling everyone about how "passionate" Wyatt gets about sports.  Of course, they already know that because they've seen my sweet little boy spike a helmet after getting called out (seriously), but Wyatt was laughing because Brian shared that he learned it from watching hockey and baseball highlights on TV.
 The team's last game should have been a game that they played last Saturday, but Brian wasn't satisfied with that as a "last game."  Only 6 kids showed up to play for the other team, so Brian contacted the other coaches to see if anyone wanted to play one more time.  They ended up having another game the day after their team party!

Love these two!
 Walking up to bat!
 The originals!
 Hunter and Wyatt hanging out on the bench.  I may have gotten them in trouble with Brian because they stopped cheering for their team mates so I could take this!

Wyatt's final t-ball at bat.  I can't believe how big he's gotten!

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