Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wyatt the Graduate

 Wyatt graduated from Kindergarten today!  His class has been practicing for graduation for over a month.  He has taken his "training" very seriously.  He always tells me that he's singing three songs and that one is "really gonna make me cry."  And then he follows it up with an evil smile.

The graduates entering the room for their ceremony.
 Each "graduate" came up to share their favorite lesson from Kindergarten, and what they want to be when they grow up.  The most interesting thing Wyatt learned is that "you need your lungs to breathe."  I know choosing what he wants to be when he grows up was hard for him.  He really struggles with making a career out of professional baseball, paleontology, and playing hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  For graduation purposes, hockey for the Penguins won :).
 Turning his tassel after he got his diploma.
 And...the child made me cry.  They sang an inspirational and sad song, and there was not one dry mommy eye in the place. Seriously.  And he stared me down the whole time, with those big brown eyes just waiting for me to use the tissues I grabbed before-hand.  Mission accomplished, son.

His shirt was tucked in for about 5 minutes this morning, but once it came untucked there was no fixing it.  Wyatt only tucks in his shirt for important things, like baseball games!
 The graduating kindergarten class!

They had a some decorations/keepsakes set up around the room for us to look at before the ceremony.  This was one of my favorites - Wyatt's self portrait and what his friends had to say about him!  I have one of these from high school (there was no self portrait then, and the descriptions were more in depth and more inside jokes), and it's still something I love that I have!  I'm so glad he has this.
 Pictures of Wyatt with his teacher, Mrs. Boyle, and a poem that also made me cry.
 Every one's hand prints as a backdrop!
 How cute is this cake with the kids' picture on it?

Of course, it led to Alex shouting over to Wyatt, "Hey Wyatt, I'm eating your head!"  Ha!
Wyatt and his good buddy Jacob.  They are going to grow up and play hockey for the Penguins together.  Jacob's dad told me that he comes home every day with the latest hockey information thanks to Wyatt.  I'm so glad he can be a source of information for his friends. Ha!

We are so proud of our little fella!  He has learned so much this year, and he has grown up so much.  I can't believe he's the same boy that protested going to school for the first month because he wanted to play before he did his work.  I'm so excited to spend the summer with him.  We'll be going to swimming lessons, and Busch Gardens, and the zoo of course, but we'll also spend time reinforcing all the things he learned at school this year!  Congratulations Wyatt the First Grader!

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