Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

Another dance recital weekend is over!

All of my "performance photos" were taken with my phone at rehearsal last Thursday.  I forgot my real camera for dress rehearsal, and then forgot the SD card and battery for my Canon on Sunday.  Oops.

I just love watching her dance.  She's come a long way since her first recital when she was three, and she's learned lots of new technique since last year's recital as well. She's my perfectionist though, so she's always working hard to get better!

She danced twice this year.  A little ballet.
And some tap!
This girl was front and center in both of her dances.  She seems to remember her routine well.  And based on what I know about ballet (which can be summed up by saying I know the positions, and that you need to have your toes pointed, thanks to one year of dance!), she's a pretty good little dancer, too! 

She wore her costume like this for tap.  She practiced all weekend after her rehearsal.  I actually heard her in her room one night after I put her to bed, "Tendue, tendue, back, side, front.  Tendue, tendue, back, side, front.  Arabesque!  Arabesque!"
Her recital was at 12:30 on Sunday, and I knew that there was no way that Reese or Wyatt would make it through the entire thing with no lunch.  So like any good ballerina, she ate a cheeseburger and fries on her way to her recital.  I mean, obviously we protected her costume with a blanket.
It was so much fun to watch her dance - they even had a music mishap and she had to come on stage three times before it worked!  They all handled it so well, though.

Wyatt on the other hand...do not bring a seven year old boy to a recital.  Yikes!  I made him go because she sits through ALL of his sports, but a three hour recital might be too much payback.
This girl loves her flowers!

She is still deciding about taking dance again next year.  I don't want to push her and make her do it, but I also think she's angling to see if she can try something else instead - like horseback riding.  I think this because she actually told her teacher that she'll miss her next year, but she's going to taking horseback riding lessons, so she won't be at dance. Where in the world does she get this stuff?

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